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Black Tea


Contains caffeine


3 Minutes





LAPSANG SOUCHONG TEA - 100% Smoked, Luxury Goodness!!


Black Tea


Lapsang Souchong Smoky Black Tea!

Heavily smoked Chinese black tea. The tea is dried over burning wood to give a real peaty, roasted flavour. A true classic!

Campfire, Whisky and BBQ.

Compliment Lapsang Souchong with a splash of milk or a slice of lemon to cut through the smoky, malty, peaty flavours

If you like the sound of Lapsang Souchong, We think you will love our Russian Caravan or our Salted Caramel Tea.


Here are some exciting recipes to try with our Lapsang Souchong.

See Our Brewing Solutions:

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I recommend this product
  • On average, how many cups of tea do you drink each day? 12-34-56-1010
Tasty and smoky

I love Lapsang Souchong tea and really enjoyed this blend. I followed the instructions and used the recommended 3grams per cup, but found it a little weak and would've preferred it to be a bit more potent. Next time I may try more tea per cup as I think this will make the flavour more potent. The shopping experience was really easy from selection to ordering and my tea arrived quicker than expected, within a number of days.

Charné A.
Wee Tea Company

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us this review Charne. This is the beauty of using loose leaf tea. You can absolutely experiment to create a brew perfect to your taste. Thank you for your kind words.

I recommend this product
  • On average, how many cups of tea do you drink each day? 12-34-56-1010
I love this tea!

This has to be my favourite blend of Lapsang. Drink it everyday. The Wee Tea Company always deliver promptly. Once when I had a problem with ordering on line they rang me, talked me through the process and made a quick alteration to the website to make it easier for others. Very impressed!

Lizzie M.
Wee Tea Company

We are so glad to hear that you love our Lapsang Lizzie! We are also happy that you received only the best level of service, we constantly strive for only the best!

I recommend this product
  • On average, how many cups of tea do you drink each day? 12-34-56-1010
Smoky and light

Smoky but not overpowering - be aware that this type of tea can linger a bit so maybe one for the summer when your windows can open! The tea itself is quite light and fragrant which lets the pine smoke flavour take the centre.

Wee Tea Company

People are going to start thinking we are paying you off for all these reviews Alex. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to leave your review and be so descriptive. Thank you!

I recommend this product
  • On average, how many cups of tea do you drink each day? 12-34-56-1010

Delicious lapsang souchong tea, the best I’ve ever had. Best prompt service too.

Rosalind H.
Wee Tea Company

Thank you Rosalind, that's so kind of you to say and we couldn't be more appreciative of the 5 star review!!

Pyramid Tea Bag Promise

Question: Are your pyramid tea bags degradable? Answer: YES.

Question: Are your pyramid teabags compostable? Answer: YES.

Polylactic acid or PLA is a thermoplastic aliphatic polyester derived from renewable resources, such as corn starch, tapioca roots, chips or starch, or sugarcane. This is degradable and is considered compostable. PLA doesn’t disappear overnight, it requires a good temperature to help it degrade. This is why we recommend that you put used pyramid tea bags into your local council compost and don’t just throw them in the garden.

If you really want to help the environment we suggest you use loose leaf teas.

We offer more variety of loose leaf teas and loose blends are always less expensive than our tea pyramids.

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