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Love Tea? Looking for Christmas Gifts 2020?

Christmas Gifts 2020 - A cup of tea solves everything

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Give the Gift of Your Time this Christmas
Looking for Christmas Gifts 2020?

Maybe you don’t need to look so far as Christmas to find comfort and joy in a cup of tea with a loved one.

As Christmas is almost upon us, there is little doubt that things are going to be somewhat different this year. 2020 has seen the world change significantly. The covid-19 pandemic has not only changed people’s lives and habits, it has also hugely changed mindsets.

Recently, we shared an article from the BBC on our Facebook page. The article was describing the pressure that will be put on courier companies and online retailers in the run up to Christmas 2020.  Will you be running around looking for Christmas Gifts 2020?

Perhaps the true pressure, will be put upon families struggling to please friends and relatives in the face of adverse financial conditions. Particularly, families where people have lost their job as a result of this pandemic.

Maybe now is a time to reflect and consider if the nature of our annual festive celebrations is altogether correct and responsible.

The Wee Tea Company has long spent weeks and months preparing for the Christmas rush, blending up Christmas Gifts 2020 – A cup of tea solves everything. This year there have been bigger things going on in the world. We will not be so focused on money and money making this year. Instead, we would urge shoppers to think about value and meaning.

Perhaps more importantly than buying (for example) some tea for somebody’s Christmas, how about buying somebody some tea but taking the time to sit and drink a cup with them. To be a friend, a good relative and maybe even make somebody’s day by just lending an ear.

The loneliness many people have experienced during the lockdown associated with this pandemic, will never be forgotten. They say that tea solves every problem and in many ways perhaps this is true. So maybe the greatest gift you could give this year is time. And what better way to spend time with a loved one, than a pot of tea and a festive mince pie.

Our business is small, it is local and yes, to survive we could do with your help. Hopefully people have had time to stop and think about what really matters in life. We know we have.

So while all the distribution companies are under pressure, please be patient support a local company and don’t be surprised if all your parcels don’t arrive next day delivery. Be assured that our small business will be doing all it can to offer unique and tempting Christmas Gifts 2020 – A cup of tea solves everything, and we will be working hard to get all orders to customers as quickly as we can.

Small business needs support more than ever. People need somebody to talk to more than ever. Usually at Christmas time we use the slogan give the gift of tea this Christmas. This year our slogan will be, give the gift of tea and time this Christmas. 

Remember a problem shared is a problem halved. And what better way for people to share, than over their favourite brew.

Thank you to all our customers,

Stay safe with a wee cuppa,

Derek, Jamie & Fraser

The Wee Tea Company

Give the Gift of Tea and Time
this Christmas...

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