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Breakfast Tea Options CTC or Large Leaf



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We recommend incup infusers for brewing and our stainless steel tea caddies for storage.

BREAKFAST TEA - Everybody's Favourite No. 1 Popular Tea


Everyone loves a good cup of traditional Breakfast Tea.

The Wee Tea Company carefully select the finest black teas to provide a traditional and full flavoured cuppa.

The mix of small and large tea leaves offers a balance in flavour, and provides a rich and tasty tea that can be enjoyed not only at breakfast, but anytime of the day.

A bold and robust blend that benefits from a splash of milk.

Tea the way it used to be! Enjoy our Blend of carefully chosen Black Tea from all over the world. The smaller leaves offer a hearty brew, that will truly invigorate and prepare you for the morning ahead, or afternoon ahead…or evening ahead come to think of it!

We think you will love our No.1 selling tea – Traditional Breakfast Tea.

If you want to be creative serve this tea with a slice of lemon to make a traditional lemon black tea or blend with Mango Mash up Fruit infusion to make a delightful Mango Breakfast Tea.

We found a great recipe for Tea Bread on the BBC Website.  They also have a great information page on Tea HERE.


See Our Brewing Solutions:

Mug InfuserFor Life Loose Leaf Teapot with Infuser


A classic Breakfast Tea blend


Black Tea




3 Minutes


Contains caffeine


India, Sri Lanka


Use 1 Teaspoon per cup – Try with a slice of lemon.


Black Tea

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Pack Size

Loose Box Net Wt 200g, Loose Bag CTC Net Wt 750g, Loose Bag Large Leaf Net Wt 750g, Tea Pyramids Box 15 ▲s Net Wt 37.5g, Tea Pyramids Box 24 ▲s Net Wt 74.5g, Tea Pyramids Bag 100 ▲s Net Wt 310g, Wrapped Individual Tea Pyramids Box 12, Wrapped Individual Tea Pyramids Box 100


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Pyramid Tea Bag Promise

Question: Are your pyramid tea bags degradable? Answer: YES.

Question: Are your pyramid teabags compostable? Answer: YES.

Polylactic acid or PLA is a thermoplastic aliphatic polyester derived from renewable resources, such as corn starch, tapioca roots, chips or starch, or sugarcane. This is degradable and is considered compostable. PLA doesn’t disappear overnight, it requires a good temperature to help it degrade. This is why we recommend that you put used pyramid tea bags into your local council compost and don’t just throw them in the garden.

If you really want to help the environment we suggest you use loose leaf teas.

We offer more variety of loose leaf teas and loose blends are always less expensive than our tea pyramids.